Scriptastic - Audio & Video Transcription - Services

We transcribe:

Documentary interviews - single and multi-person.

Reality footage, b-roll, walk and talk, etc.

Audio interviews, seminars, discussions, focus groups, lectures and conference calls.


Group meetings or panel discussions.


We offer various templates for full verbatim, clean verbatim or paraphrased text depending on your project requirements and budget.
As requested we also timecode or timestamp every 30 or 60 seconds



We receive footage uploaded through services such as Dropbox, or if the project is large we can receive on a harddrive. We take audio/movie files in QuickTime, .WAV, .MP3, .MOV, .MP4, .AIFF. 


Our pricing is per minute of footage at the industry standard rates. Once you contact us we will send you our standard rates sheet, or create a specific quote on a project per project basis. As well, we offer bulk rates on large orders and series depending on the project type and template required.


We use a local workforce to transcribe your materials. Our transcribers are all university educated and possess a natural understanding of cultural references, slang, popular culture, regional accents, and current events.